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About Observe


IgniteConnex Observe provides you with the ability to observe your system continuously and hence enabling the user to make necessary changes based on the statisctis. It also allows the user to get alerts based on specific conditions.

Furthermore the standard dashboard gives insights about the system metrices, CPU performance etc. Users can create custom dashboards as well and visualise their business data in a number of possible ways.

Components of Observe

The three main constituents of IgniteConnex Observe are given below. The detailed description of each of these is available in next sections.

Alerts provide the ability to catch a specific activity from your system, or getting alerted in case of a condition specified by you. User can not only set the time and interval for the alerts but can also manage silencing the alerts for specified time. Setting up alerts for the system can prevent any errors or unusual system behaviours from getting missed and hence enabling the users to take any necessary actions.


Observe is a system which will not let your system or you down! It has got the system monitoring covered for you!