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Single Sign On


Users authenticate with IgniteConnex Identity rather than individual applications. This means that your applications don't have to deal with login forms, authenticating users, and storing users. Once logged-in to IgniteConnex Identity, users don't have to login again to access a different application.

This also applied to logout. IgniteConnex Identity provides single-sign out, which means users only have to logout once to be logged-out of all applications that use IgniteConnex Identity.

What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems.

What this means is that we can use a single authentication service to allow users to login to other services, without providing a password to the service that is being logged into.

This is different than connecting each of these applications to LDAP, as this requires providing a username and password to every service that you want to login to.

Benefits of SSO

  1. Central location for authentication allows for easier auditing and security.
  2. Central location for configuration of authorization, ie, Jane is able to access email but not the CRM suite
  3. Authentication to external services such as a hosted CRM suite are made possible without sending LDAP requests over the internet
  4. but can also be both signed and/or encrypted using keys known only between the identity provider and service for increased security