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Manage Application in Heroku

Manage Application in Heroku

Find All Application List

To view all of your Heroku applications, navigate to your Heroku Dashboard

You will discover all your deployed applications in Heroku. Click on your newly created application from the list.

Configure Add-Ons

Click on the link “Configure Add-ons” in order to modify, delete, or change the plan for the add-on.

Add/Modify Pipeline

Select Deploy tab at the top and you will see a dropdown to add/modify pipeline for release in Heroku. You can even create a new pipeline for the app deployment.

Application Setting

By selecting Settings tab, you can modify/delete application.

On clicking Reveal Config Vars Button in settings tab

You can see all the app configs like DATABASE_URL and IGNITE_EDITOR_API_SECRET etc.


You are now able to see all the applications inside heroku, Configure Add-Ons, Add/Modify Pipelines and Configure Application Settings.