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Role Based Access Control


This document meticulously outlines the management of collaborator access in Digital Products, Product Apps, API Specs, and Templates. The access levels Owner, Contributor, Developer, and Viewer serve as the foundation for role-based access control, enabling granular resource access.

Access Levels

  1. Owner
  2. Contributor
  3. Developer
  4. Viewer

Arranged in descending order based on control levels for IgniteConnex resources.

IgniteConnex Resources

  1. Digital Product
  2. Product App
  3. API Spec
  4. Template

(Common to All Resources)


Owners have the authority to add individuals to roles such as Owner, Developer, Contributor, and Viewer. They also have the ability to remove any role except for other Owners.


Contributors possess the authority to add individuals to roles like Contributor, Developer, and Viewer. However, their capability to remove roles is restricted, and they cannot remove Owners or other Contributors.


Developers have the ability to add individuals to roles like Developer and Viewer. However, their authority to remove roles is limited, and they can only remove individuals from the Viewer role.


Viewers have the ability to add individuals to roles like Viewer. Importantly, Viewers lack the ability to remove any other roles.


This documentation provides a nuanced understanding of access levels and permissions within our collaborative environment, emphasizing the impact on Digital Product, Product App, Template, and API Spec development. For further inquiries, please contact our support team.